Saturday, December 19, 2009

Survivor's Remorse

Our shop chief (the guy I'm replacing) told all of us from Aviano that we didn't really need to come into work today, but I did anyway, just to see how things run. He'll be leaving in two weeks, and I'm gonna need all the information and help I can get.
But first, did I mention how amazing my room is? Like, really amazing. It's dirty right now, but I'm getting ready to clean and move some furniture around, and as soon as I get done, it will be even better than amazing.
So, yeah, as the shop chief and I were driving around checking out our job sites today, we stopped by the dorms the other guys are living in. As soon as I looked in the room, I felt a wave of guilt. Those guys basically live in a double-wide coffin. It's a tiny room with two sets of bunk beds, two wall lockers, and barely enough room to turn around. They asked how my room was, and I told them they're never allowed to visit because if they saw my room, they might kill me and move in themselves.

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