Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thrash Man

Johnny is a big metal head, and last week, he asked if I'd be interested in going to see Slayer in Milan. Truth be told, few things would interest me less than going to see Slayer; however, Johnny really, REALLY wants to go, and he's not yet familiar with how to get around Italy anywhere outside of Aviano. So I told him I'd go with him, and now I'm getting kinda excited about it.
This will be my first true hardcore heavy metal show, and I'm not sure what to expect, especially since it's in Italy. I doubt I'll have the balls to get down in the pit (if there is one). I'll probably be the only one wearing ear plugs, but I don't care.
We haven't yet decided if we'll come back Saturday or Sunday, but rest assured, you'll hear all about it.

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