Monday, November 03, 2008

A Little Late For Halloween, But...

Thursday night, I was hanging out with Shaun, Alec, and Ruben. At the last minute, we decided to see the movie on base, Quarantine. It's a horror movie about people trapped inside a building with aggressive zombie-like people. It had plenty of jumpy scary parts, but it wasn't the kind of movie that sticks with you after you leave the theatre. It didn't help that Shaun kept texting the whole time.
I think the first real horror movie I ever saw was The Amityville Horror (1979 version). I was maybe 5 or 6 and we were at my grandparents' house in South Carolina for Christmas. My grandparents had HBO, and when the movie came on, for some reason the whole family sat around and watched it. (Fine holiday fun, eh?) I don't know what my parents were thinking letting my brother and I watch that. My Mom had to take me in the other room to look at the Christmas tree to get me to calm down. I'm sure I had nightmares, but I don't remember very well.
The first horror movie that had a real impact on me was Halloween (1978 version). My brother and I were home alone one night, and it came on television. It was the edited version, but it was still incredibly scary. I was probably 10 or 11, but I couldn't sleep for months without seeing that horrible face.
Since then, I've had a fondness for the horror genre. I don't see many in the theatre because most of the ones that come out now are total shit. They confuse sudden loud noises with fear, and they're just not very realistic. Instead, I do research and add the classics to my Netflix queue. Most recently, I watched Suspiria, an Italian horror classic. Sometimes, the older movies seem cheesy, but they're also the ones you can't stop thinking about long after they're over and you're laying in bed in a dark, empty house wondering why the dog next door is barking.

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