Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lessons Learned

1) Don't expect Scott to stay awake in moving vehicles. This includes trains. When we were road-tripping, every night I'd be ready to hit the sack, and all he wanted to do was walk around more. Well, gee, Scott, maybe if I'd had a two hour nap in the car, I'd be ready to party, too!

2) You can get away with wearing the same underwear two days in a row, but always make sure you have enough socks. They don't come cheap in Switzerland.

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3) If a European asks who you voted for, tell them Obama, even if it isn't true. They'll be nicer to you. There are no McCain fans in Europe, and if you mention Nader, they'll just look at you funny.

4) Hostels are totally the way to go. I'd never stayed in hostels before, but if I'm ever travelling by myself, I'll never try anything else. They're much cheaper than hotels, and usually have good information for people travelling on a budget. Scott and I never made reservations, and only did a little online research for each place we went. The only minor bad luck we had was in Cinque Terre. Our first choice was booked, so we had to walk around looking for another room. We ended up finding a really nice room for a good price, so it was little more than an inconvenience. So yeah, if you don't mind staying in a room with seven other people or sharing a bathroom, look into hostels.

5) Bring a book.

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