Thursday, October 09, 2008

Language Barrier

Tuesday, I was looking at rugs at the furniture store on base. Unfortunately, they can only carry so many rugs at the store, but there are several more at the warehouse. I asked the sales lady, who was Italian and had a moderate accent, what they had at the warehouse. After making a phone call, she told me they had several blue and green ones. I asked if they had any beige ones. She said, "There is a beige one, but it has a soda stain on it."
"Oh, that's okay. I might be able to clean it. Can I see it?"
"But it has a soda stain on it."
"I know, but can I at least look at it?"
"But it's soda."
"But I think I could clean it."
Yeah, sometimes I can be rather thick-skulled.


Nate Wendt said...

Now that is funny! I laughed me arse off.

Homie said...