Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's life without a little risk?

I just did something rather irresponsible and somewhat stupid. I'm going to fly to Utah this weekend. I've been searching for flights ever since I found out about this class, but it was always too expensive. Then, last night, I called the airline directly and managed to secure a cheap military fare. I'm flying Friday night from Dallas to SLC and returning Sunday afternoon.
Why is that irresponsible? Because technically, I'm really not allowed to leave the local area in the middle of this class. And if something happens with my flight and I don't make it back by Monday morning, I'll be in some serious shit. Why is it stupid? Because my flight leaves Dallas at 6:15, my class isn't scheduled to end until 4 PM, and it's a two-hour drive to the airport. My instructor has assured us we'll be done early tomorrow, but I don't know exactly how early. So take a moment and send up a prayer that everything goes as planned.
Yeah, I'm taking a big chance here, but to be honest, I've spent a lot of time in Italy missing my friends in Utah. I've never had the camaraderie, acceptance, and comfort in being myself like I had there, and I miss it. I need this. I really, really need this.

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