Friday, August 29, 2008

American Graffiti

Joann and I started a project at work this week which should take us all autumn to finish. We're testing and tagging all the fire hydrants on base. It's a fairly big job that's also very wet and messy. We both got drenched today, and I have so much spray paint on my hands it looks like I got into a fight with an octopus.
But I don't care. It will keep us busy and out of the shop. Plus, it's a hoot working with Joann. She talks about her significant other, and I talk about my lack of one. We're productive, but we take our time. We're going to have to shut down our operation for the next couple of weeks, as she'll be TDY and I'll be on leave. But as long as we finish before it gets too cold, we'll consider ourselves successful.

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