Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let It Bump

We got a decent amount of snow last night, which made me very happy. It slowed down during the day, but I just looked out my window and it looks like a blizzard just blew in. Yeah, it's gonna be good boarding this weekend.
But first, a story about my day. I left home a little early this morning because of the snow, and it's a good thing. It took forever to get to work, but I still managed to make it onto base early. I was waiting at the stoplight right in front of my shop, when...BAM! I got rear-ended.
The guy who hit me was a 1st Lieutenant from the 388th in a little Hyundai. He was very apologetic and, it seemed, a little scared. The front of his car was pretty smashed, but my truck was practically undamaged. There's a minor dent that you wouldn't notice unless I showed you and you stared at it for a really long time. We called the cops, but when they arrived, they told us they don't handle personal car accidents when there aren't any injuries. So we exchaged information, and went on our ways. No harm, no foul.
The rest of the day was pretty hectic. We had pumps burning up and wells freaking out. Jim and I tried to fix a busted check valve, but only ended up soaking ourselves. Now it's the weekend, and I'm getting ready to head down to happy hour at Kristauf's. Should be a good time. And the tentative plan is to hit up Brighton on Sunday. Another storm is supposed to be coming through Saturday night, so the snow should be great. Weekends are the best.

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Caleb said...

Currt-dawg...I should be showing up on Friday evening. Could I get your address? See you soon man!