Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hot in Herre

Chad, Mike, & Jacob
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Last night, Chad, Mike, and Jacob invited me to go on a short road trip with them. Our destination: Lava Hot Springs. It's a place up in Idaho where natural hot springs come up, and they've made a little spa out of it. It's, by far, the closest thing I've ever seen to an onsen in the States, and we had a great time. The water was pretty hot, but so relaxing, especially since the outside temperature is so cool. It was nice to soak in the water and pretend I was back in Japan.

My Lottery Tickets
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Chad might say he likes to go up there just to visit the springs, but we all know he has an alterior motive. Lottery tickets.
Not only was this my first time to Lava Hot Springs, but also my first time to Idaho and, therefore, my first opportunity to buy a lottery ticket there. On the way up, we stopped and got Powerball tickets (which, incidentally, didn't win squat), and on the way home, I picked up some scratch-off tickets. Including the Powerball, I spent ten bucks on lottery tickets. After playing all my scratch-off tickets, I ended up "winning" one dollar. I should have known it was a bad idea when Mike suggested buying the tickets with deer and hunters on them. I just look at it as donating nine dollars to those poor Idaho schoolchildren. I'm such a philanthropist.

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