Thursday, February 15, 2007

Going About Their Lives

Monday night, I was reading a book when my Dad called and asked if I was okay. He'd seen on the news where a young man had walked into a mall in Salt Lake and began shooting. After assuring him I was fine, I turned on the news and watched as they pulled six bodies, including that of the killer, out of Trolley Square, a mall I've been to several times.
This morning on NPR, they were talking about what might have led this man to do such a horrific thing, and about how the community is reacting. One caller asked how long we should talk about it, and when, if ever, are we healed? In my opinion, I don't think we should ever forget those that have passed on, but turning the series of events over and over again only perpetuates fear.
I didn't know any of the victims, but I could just as easily have been one of them. What's terrible about this case is that these people were just going about their lives, perhaps out for an evening stroll or buying a Valentine's Card for a wife. Things like this are so random. People die every day from thousands of different causes, some natural, others, not so much.
Trolley Square opened back up today, and I'm pretty sure the hallways were nearly barren. But why? Should we live our lives in fear of the unknown? I'm not going to avoid flying or entering skyscrapers for the rest of my life due to the constant threat of terrorism. I'm not going to stop driving my truck because of the high percentage of vehicle fatalities. I'm not going to stop putting butter on my toast because of potential heart disease risks. And I'm certainly not going to stop shopping due to potential crazy people with shotguns.
My prayers are with the families of those poor people who died on Monday. And I hope, in their final moments, they looked back on their lives with happiness and no regrets. If ever, God forbid, something like that would happen to me, I truly feel as though my life on this Earth has been one of joy and worth.

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