Saturday, February 24, 2007

Get Myself Into It

Walking Through the City
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Last night, after a martini at Kristauf's and meeting some cool new people, Jonathan and I got burritos, then hung out at Brian and Ryan's for a while. Around 10-ish, we went to the home of his friends, Freddy and Taylor, who live downtown. Their place is a half-block from the theatre that shows all the great indie films. They definitely earned cool points.
We hung out there for a while, then Jonathan, Chris, Taylor and I went to a place called the W Lounge. I hadn't been there before, even though Katie has asked me on more than one occasion. It was one of the coolest clubs to which I've ever been. It wasn't very big, but the DJ played a perfect mix of alt-dance and electroclash. The crowd was full of mixed urban hipsters and retro tattoo girls. I was in heaven. Katie showed up soon after we got there, and we all danced until they closed. I will be going back again soon.

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