Monday, June 14, 2010

Switch Face

Lee, Eddy, Brandon, & Me
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Yesterday afternoon, I went into Doha with Lee, Eddy, and Brandon. Lee got switched to night shift last week, so we didn't leave until 4 PM, but we didn't have any less fun. After some light shopping at the mall, we headed downtown to eat at the W Hotel.

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We liked the food and the ambiance so much, we ended up staying there the rest of the evening. Brandon's sheltered, southern upbringing made him the king of unintentional one-liners. When the server brought my after-dinner espresso, he asked, "Whut the hell izzat?"

A Very Worried Lee
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After dinner, we moved from our table to the lounge for drinks. I had the best Mojito on the planet, but stopped after that because I was driving. The rest of the guys wanted to indulge a little more, which included shots, something Lee wasn't sure he could handle.

Earth Lighting the Shots
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Our very attentive bartender was named "Earth," (He said his sister was "Venus.") and he made the guys very happy, perfectly mixing the drinks and even lighting the B-52 shots. It was another great night in Doha, and it's kinda sad to think this was my last trip here for a while.

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