Friday, June 11, 2010

Separate Ways

Captain Joo is our Aviano troop commander, meaning he's the highest ranking guy that came here with us from Aviano. Other than a few exchanged pleasantries, I hadn't had much interaction with him until last August, when we travelled to Germany together for an exercise. He ended up being one of the coolest people I know in Aviano.
Here, he works in engineering, so I don't see him very often; however, when our paths cross, we always have good conversation. He told me a few weeks ago that he'd volunteered to extend his deployment for three months up in Afghanistan. Obviously, he's pretty dedicated. He'll be at a tiny FOB (forward operating base) in extreme field conditions, but this is the kind of stuff he lives for. He left today, so last night, some of us Aviano guys got together for a few beers to send him off.
Take care, Captain, and be safe up there. We'll see you back in Italy.

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