Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Speaking and Geeking

I should seriously work for the UN or something. My negotiating skills are unmatched. Case in point: there have been a few minor altercations between people at work the past couple of days. It's obvious the five plus months we've spent here are getting to the guys, and all anyone can think about is going home. People are making irrational decisions and lashing out. I have to be the voice of reason and work out compromises. It's working so far, but I wonder who's gonna be the peace-keeper when I go batshit crazy.
Speaking of batshit crazy, I stayed up way too late last night. Why? Because Steve Jobs gave the keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, and it didn't start until 8 PM here. Normally, I'm asleep by then, but nothing was gonna tear me away from finding out about the new iPhone. And it was totally worth it. Now I just hope it's available in Italy sometime soon.

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