Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Inducing Hyperactivity

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Things never really get boring at work, and various people on our crew try to make sure of it. For instance, this afternoon, Ron, Nick, and Steven were talking about their Rip-It addictions. (Rip-Its are the energy drinks available for free at the chow hall.) I'm not a fan of any kind of energy drink (unless you count coffee), so I steer clear of them. These guys, however, would most likely go into delirium tremors without that saccharine carbonation ingested every hour. And being guys, they tend to get competitive, and somehow the idea came up to see if Ron could drink ten Rip-Its in three minutes. The cans are eight ounces each, which, altogether, is like drinking 2.36 litres.
Nick kept time and Steven filmed. Ron started off strong enough, finishing four in the first minute alone (and belching after each one), but by number six, he was struggling. He managed to choke down seven and a half cans, which is still nearly two litres, and a very impressive feat. And he probably won't sleep for at least four days.

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