Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby's Got The Bends

The past few days have been absolutely wonderful. Going to dinner with friends. Sleeping in my own bed with the windows open letting in the cool Alpine night air. Shopping at Ikea with Cheyenne. Making a citrus daiquiri cheesecake (and it totally tasted like a daiquiri).
I've had a few in-processing appointments, the last of which was today. It was mostly a bunch of briefings from people telling us how we should feel after we get back from a deployment. The Air Force refers to this time as "decompression," which sounds ridiculous to me. I now have two weeks off to forget about all things work-related and enjoy the life I've been missing out on for the past six months.
Also, my internet at home isn't working, so posting will be sporadic until it's back up. Thanks for your patience.

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