Sunday, October 25, 2009

Putting Up With Kids In Masks

Since Italy doesn't really celebrate Halloween, much less Trick or Treat, the base puts on a yearly activity known as "Trunk or Treat." What happens is people decorate the trunks of their cars to look like haunted houses, monsters, etc., and they line up along a street on base so the kids can come by and get candy. It's inventive and very popular (read: crowded).
Our Booster Club had a booth, so I pretty much spent the entire day setting up, selling hamburgers, and tearing everything down. It was long and exhausting, so I was glad that I got an extra hour of sleep last night. (The EU still ends daylight savings time on the last Sunday of October.) And today was absolutely beautiful, sunny, and warm. I took the opportunity to relax and rest up before a week that's going to be filled with general pain-in-the-ass-ery. (It's a technical term.)

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