Monday, October 19, 2009

Ignis Fatuus

Cheyenne, Rachel, & Dan
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All Hallow's Eve is upon us, and when I was a kid, that meant one thing: candy. I still love candy, but now, Halloween just doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. But a couple years ago, when I was in Utah, I got invited to a few different pumpkin-carving parties, and had a blast at every one. This year, I decided to host one of my own.

Cheyenne & Dan
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Cheyenne, Rachel, and Dan came over, and we each had different ideas about what our pumpkins would look like.

Jack O'Lanterns
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Everyone's finished product was unique. Nate arrived after we were done, so we asked him to guess who created which Jack O'Lantern. He was half right, only mixing up Rachel and me.

After we finished our creations, we kept out the cold weather by feasting on chili and huddling together on the couch for some scary movies. Somehow, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974 version) is a little less scary when you're so squeezed together that you don't have room to shiver.

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