Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leisure Suite

I thought I'd be studying all week, but since my test has been delayed, I've decided to try and have a little fun. Last night, Renee, Aaron, Steven, and I went to bingo. I hadn't been since June, and I'd forgotten how exciting and intense it gets. Some of the ladies that go get pretty vicious about the rules and the little caller guy and stuff. The others had never been before, but they enjoyed it, too, mostly because Aaron won 75 bucks and Steven won 100. Oh, yeah, they'll be back.
And tonight, I did a little after-work bowling with Dan and Nate. Nate was excited because he ordered his own bowling ball a few weeks ago and it finally came in. His score actually went down, but he said it's just because he has to get used to the new ball. (A likely story.) Dan and I were in a little jukebox war with some guys on another lane. It was pretty obvious who picked which songs. While ours was a mix of everything from Sam Cooke to Modest Mouse, theirs could have been mixed into a compilation entitled "Ghetto Booty Mix, Vol. 7."
There's something extra-fun about weekday activities. I mean, anyone can do this stuff on the weekend, but if you go during the week, stuff is usually less crowded, cheaper, and it's somehow more enjoyable. And maybe it's because there's the stigma attached that I'm going out on a "school night," something I never did as a teenager. It almost adds an element of risk or danger, like I'm getting away with something. Of course, the chances of things getting out of control are slim to none. And even if they did, I'm lucky enough to have a boss who would let it slide if I showed up to work severely hung over.
Not that I've ever done that.

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