Tuesday, September 22, 2009

With an Iron Fist!

I'm running the shop this week. I've been in charge before, but it was vastly different in Utah than it is here. In Utah, I basically just had to keep track of everyone and make sure nobody was missing appointments; but here, I'm overseeing work orders, recurring work programs, performance reports, awards packages, digs, training, security management, backflow, hydrants, plus keeping up with everyone.
Yesterday was total chaos. I had the Major and our superintendent breathing down my back. I was about to lose it.
But today was much better. I'm learning to delegate, and I'm getting better at answering questions the right way. (Ambiguously, like a politician.)
MSgt Hammes will be back Monday, so I only have to endure this week, which is probably just long enough for me to get the hang of it. Luckily, I have plenty of wine in my house to help me deal with it all.

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