Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long and Laborious

Working nights has been every bit as boring as I thought it would be; and the transition of my sleep schedule has been surprisingly easy. The exercise is supposed to end tonight, so hopefully, I'll go in for two or three hours and then be off until Monday morning.
In other work-related news, after much begging and harassing, I finally made it on the deployment list. It's a six-month deployment to Qatar that leaves in December. Qatar is almost a non-deployment. It's a huge base with restaurants, a pool, a coffee shop, and a nicer gym than we have here in Aviano. So, it's kinda like getting paid a lot of money to go to a resort for six months. I'm going with great crew including Rick and Stan, so even though this will be my second-longest deployment, it should go pretty quick. The only real bummer is that I'll miss snowboarding season, but there's always next year.

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Mike C said...

The army base down the road (ali-asaliya?) has a Chili's too. If you get a chance, the shopping malls are spectacular as well.