Sunday, September 27, 2009

On The Trail

Last night, I went to my second hash. I took Dominic with me, who'd hashed before, but it was back in North Carolina. It was a much bigger turn-out this time, and it made it even more fun. Plus, my friends Mark and Chrystal were there. And including everyone I met at the first hash, it made it much easier to socialise. The beer didn't hurt, either.

Just Chrystal
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After the actual hash, there was a beer circle with songs and traditions. The plunger is full of beer, and Chrystal had to drink it. I'd like to go into all the rituals, but it's really something you have to experience first-hand. Plus, there are so many, I don't think I could recap all of them.

Flip Cup
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The night went on with talking, laughter, and drinking games. I'm going to miss the next hash, but I already can't wait until I can do it again.

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