Sunday, September 20, 2009

Capping Off the Weekend

Since we stayed out so late Friday night, last night was more mellow. Dan, Nate, and Ed came over and we played cards, but I was in bed by 11.
This morning, I woke up early, showered, and started to head to Church. Unfortunately, as I tried to leave my driveway, there were so many cars parked along my street, I couldn't go anywhere. The reason? Budoia's 42nd Annual Festa dei Funghi (Mushroom Festival).
I decided to walk downtown and check it out. It was similar to last year, except it was bigger and there were tons more people.
I walked around once this morning, and then went back this evening to watch the bands. They were playing classic American rock songs, which was kinda funny with the Italian accents ("Wahld theeng! Yoo make-a mah haht seeng!"). I didn't buy any mushrooms this time, but found a great bottle of Refosco. I also managed to strike up conversations with a few locals, who seemed to appreciate the fact I made an effort to indulge in the local culture.
But now, I need sleep. There are fresh sheets on my bed; the dishes are done; my laundry basket is empty; and my house is clean. I like being able to start the work week with a clean slate, with as little to worry about as possible. I know this week is going to be rough, and the last thing I need is a messy house. So, yeah, now for some shut-eye.

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