Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Going Nucking Futs!

So, remember last week when I said I was learning to deal better with all the work stress? Yeah, that was a big ol' lie. This week has been even worse. I've even had to stay late a couple times, which I hate more than anything. The added bonus of organising today's promotion ceremony and preparing for an upcoming unit compliance inspection hasn't helped. I feel like I'm juggling way too many things, and I have about a billion sticky notes all over my desk to help me remember everything. I think my biggest pet peeve right now is when I'm trying to run paperwork around the head shed, and someone stops me and asks about some crappy little job. Don't you see I have a million things going on right now, and that the chances of me remembering your request by the time I get back to my desk are slim to none?
On top of all this, I lost my phone yesterday. I have the boss phone (which the government pays for) as long as I need it, so I'm not totally without communication. But still, all my numbers were stored on my phone, and the whole situation is just a big bother.
There are two silver linings, though. The first is that the promotion ceremony went off without a hitch. I even got compliments from several people on how smooth everything went. The other is that the boss will finally be back tomorrow. This will take so much pressure off me, and I'll once again be able to enjoy work a little. It's just in time, too, because I have trips planned for the next two weekends, and I'd much rather enjoy myself than constantly be pre-occupied with thoughts of which work orders have been done.

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