Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spare Tire

As part of my intent to lose weight and get a little more fit, I went to the Health & Wellness Centre yesterday to get a body fat percentage estimate. I had one done back in 2004, and figured it couldn't be much worse now. Boy, was I wrong.
The trainer used two separate kinds of tests. The first was an electronic test that was accurate to within 7%, and the second involved using callipers on my skin that was accurate to within 3%. Both were higher than I expected, and the callipers placed me in the borderline obese category.
The trainer commended me for my running program, but said that if I wanted to get my body fat down, I'd have to supplement with some strength training. I've never been a fan of lifting, but it seems I might have to if I want to avoid being a disgusting fat-body.
All this depressing news has sent me down a shame spiral, and all I really want to do is lay on my couch and binge on cheesecake. To ease my pain, I did a little online shopping last night. (Damn you, J. Crew and your overpriced preppy casual wear!) I'm starting to empathise with all those fat women who are always crying on Oprah.

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