Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Like A Drug

Last week, after I went on my little online spending spree, Joann and I were talking about reasons we buy clothes and how easy it is to spend money online. I thought it was odd how I didn't suffer from buyer's remorse, most likely because I've been really good at saving money the past few months, and felt I deserved a little treat, as well as something to help me forget about my body fat percentage. But even if I would have, I would have forgotten about it today when I opened my mailbox to see those wonderful yellow slips of paper telling me I had packages waiting.
But now, it's back to saving money again. I've decided that if I get my body fat down to a certain level, I'm going to reward myself big time. Shaun just bought himself a new MacBook Pro, and it's one gorgeous computer. It might take a few months, but if all goes well, I plan on having one by year's end.

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