Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running the Show

I was really nervous about going back to work today, not because of drama going on in our shop and not because of a base-wide inspection, but because we had a Booster Club meeting. And the President (aka MSgt Young) is in Germany so the meeting had to be chaired by the Vice President (aka Me).
The Booster Club was pretty much in shambles when we took over, and we've worked very hard on re-writing our Constitution and By-Laws, coordinating fund raisers, gathering volunteers, and several other projects. It's taken several months, and today was our first real meeting. And several people that severely out-rank me were present, adding to my anxiety.
Luckily, things went off quite well. We had clear, organised discussions and progressed through our agenda with no problems. Our new Chief even shook my hand and told me I did a good job. Total warm fuzzies!
Now the hard part: going through everything we discussed and trying to encourage participation throughout the rest of the squadron. We have several activities this summer, and I'm praying we can pull everything off.

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