Monday, April 13, 2009

Buona Pasqua!

I got up extra early yesterday morning to make it to the Sunrise Service, which was great if for nothing else than the fact I got to sing "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today," a staple hymm for Easter. Afterward, I came home and started cooking. Cheyenne, Chelsea, and Nate came over for brunch. I made two quiches and some home-made bread. The girls brought fruit and espresso. And just to make everything extra brunch-y, we drank mimosas.

Then, last night, I went over to Stan's house for a barbecue. The weather was sunny and warm all day, but once the sun went down, it got a little chilly. We moved the party over to Heather and Shawn's house because they had an outdoor fire pit. We sat around the fire and talked and even made s'mores. Definitely a happy Easter.

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Mike C said...

Don't forget 'Low in the Grave He Lay' as an Easter classic.