Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hard Day's Night

I'm working swings this week, including stand-by. I'm not supposed to go in until 1 PM, but I've had meetings every morning, forcing me to go in much earlier. It's a pain in the butt, but I can deal with it.
Yesterday morning's meeting dealt with some drama between our shop and the fire department. The fire department has a history of breaking fire hydrants, which they don't seem to think is a big deal, but Joann and I certainly do because we're the ones who have to replace them. We met with our Major concerning this and another issue regarding flow testing. Joann totally had her shit together, and we presented accurate, convincing arguments for our cause. The Major has our back, and I doubt we'll be getting any lip from the fire department any more.
As for the shift work, it kinda works out in my favour because I'll work the weekend, then have next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off. I'll use these days to clean and prepare because Mom, Dad, Sharon, and Don arrive next Saturday. We'll be spending two weeks travelling all over Italy, Austria, and Germany; vacation time well-deserved.

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