Friday, March 20, 2009

Say What?

I checked my grade online today, and managed a B out of Italian II. I know I said I'd be thrilled with a B, and even though that final exam was murder, I still wish I'd studied just a bit harder for an A.
I talked to a guy in my class today who frequently skipped class and rarely studied, and he somehow squeezed a C out of there. Of course, he speaks fluent Spanish, which has many similarities to Italian, so I can't be totally upset.
Since I won't be taking the third semester, I've been looking for other avenues to expand my Italian. The most useful would probably be more interaction with the Italians at work and my neighbours. Also, the library has copies of the Rosetta Stone software, which I've heard is very helpful. Plus, there are various free classes in the area. I guess we'll just see if I have the ambition to keep it going.

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