Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jill of All Trades - Mad Props #11

I just finished reading a collection of short stories by Miranda July entitled "No one belongs here more than you." The thing about short stories is that they're fun and easy to read, but since you don't really spend a lot of time with the characters, they sometimes don't stick with you for very long. This wasn't the case with July's stories. Each one had its moments of joy, pain, sweetness without sentimentality, and humour.
I first became aware of Miranda July in 1999 when she directed the video for Sleater-Kinney's "Get Up":

It looks like it was shot for about $500, but there's something amazing and vulnerable about it. I think it fits the song perfectly.
She began as a performance artist, but has been branching out considerably. In 2005, she wrote, directed, and starred in "Me and You and Everyone We Know," which Don and I both appreciated (and we have great taste in movies. Promise.).
She designed a web/art community called Learning To Love You More, wherein she lists assignments for people to complete. A book of people's submissions was released in 2007, and it's sitting on my shelf if you'd like to check it out.
So, Mad Props to Miranda July, a true Renaissance Woman. Keep doing what you're doing, girl, because I'm totally picking up what you're putting down.

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