Monday, March 23, 2009

Anti-Muffin Tops

I've never done this before, but I've decided to put myself on an actual diet. Or, something of the sort. More accurately, I'm trying to change my eating habits, partly because my PT test is coming up and partly because I'm sick of my gut. Normally, I eat until I'm totally stuffed, or until my plate is clean, whichever comes first. I've decided to shrink what I eat to a less American-sized portion. I checked the FDA website and did some research on their recommended daily allowances and the shockingly small serving sizes. Furthermore, I'm only going to eat when I'm hungry, instead of when I think I should be eating. I'm cutting down my intake of cheese and junk food, and backing off the beer. I've been doing this since we got back from Dublin, and already, I feel myself getting full quicker. We'll see how long I stick to it, but I'm hoping the skinny jeans that have been getting rather tight will start to loosen up by summer.

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