Wednesday, March 11, 2009


According to a new poll, Utah is the happiest state in the Union, while Kentucky ranks 49th. I have a lot of love for both places, so I'm a little confused. Either the Kentuckians aren't content with their green foothills and beautiful Thoroughbreds, or the Utahns are too thrilled over the close-minded regime that governs them. If they took a similar poll, but for countries, I wonder where the US would rank? Or Japan? Or Italy?
I think I'm the kind of guy that can make the best of any situation, be it covered in sewage in Pakistan or lounging on a beach in Australia. Joann reassures me that I'll eventually hate Italy, like she does, but I just don't think so. Sure, it has it's difficulties, like any place, but there are too many amazing things going on to develop any kind of boredom or animosity. So go ahead and give me a questionnaire about happiness and contentment. I'll fill it out...with smiley faces.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe that the last General Conference it came down from above that "you vill be happy und schmile all zee time!"