Monday, July 10, 2006

A Lovely Day

Liberty Park
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I went to brunch this morning at Ruth's Diner with Katie, Ashley, Brian, Ryan, Kyle, Kyle, and Floyd. Ruth's, located in Emigration Canyon, is the second oldest restaurant in the SLC area, and the food was great. Plus, they had a Bloody Mary bar. Yum!
Afterward, we went to Libery Park to toss around the frisbee and check out the drum circle.

Liberty Park Spin
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These two are my attempt to make some cool looking pictures. I think they turned out pretty neat.

Liberty Park Swirl
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Liberty Park Lake
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It's definitely summertime here in Utah. We strolled around the park for a while, but soon, it was time to get back to some A/C. Plus, I have to pack my bags because I'm going through the processing line tomorrow in preparation for my week-long TDY to New Jersey next week. Should be fun!

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Mike said...

The "spinning room effect" reminded me of some I took while flying over Tokyo before I PCS'ed. I just put them up. Mine don't have the center-axis rotation that yours do though, mine are more in the broader, sweeping rotation... like spinning on the outer half of a record player. I'm gonna try to see if I can make some zig-zaggy...