Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I returned from New Jersey to find the last few spots of snow on the nearby mountaintops had completely melted. I won't be seeing any again until mid-January when I get back from the desert. (sigh...)
By the way, I didn't make it up to Yellowstone last weekend to visit my parents, unfortunately. After all the traveling and lack of sleep, I wasn't really prepared to make the six hour trek by myself. Mom and Dad were disappointed, but understanding and didn't try to lay a guilt trip on me or anything. I was disappointed, too, since I haven't seen my Mom in over a year or my Dad since September. Plus, Dad has a new motorcycle that's totally bad-ass. I have such cool parents.

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J-Dubb said...

Curtai, what's up homie? Hey man, I just found the webpage for the hospitality house and it was barely recognizable. It was crazy, so I posted a bunch of then and now pisctures on my blog comparing the house from my time with the house now. Check it out man, it's the J-Dubb's Theatre blog on my profile. There's a couple good shots of you too :P