Friday, July 07, 2006


A friend of mine told me today he's planning on divorcing his wife very soon, and she doesn't know yet. It kinda freaked me out. Not just because she's going to be blindsided, but also because they seem like such a great couple. The whole thing is a very complicated situation, but it makes me feel an emptiness in my stomach.
I've always worked so hard to maintain solid relationships with everyone I get to know very well. It's so difficult sometimes to keep up with friends, whether they're from high school or college or Vegas or Japan. And those are just friends. I can't imagine how much effort it must take to marry someone and maintain such a close relationship. Obviously, I've never been married, and the closest I came was still pretty far from saying "I do." Regardless, I can't help but hurt a little bit whenever I hear about someone divorcing.
Maybe the reason I haven't married anyone yet is because I'm so afraid of divorce. Not just my wife divorcing me, but what if I'm the one who wants a divorce? I could never break someone's heart like that. I can't even send back food at a restaurant because I don't want to hurt the server's feelings.
I'm sure divorce is a pretty touchy subject for a lot of people, and I'm not going to say there's never a good reason for it. People are emotionally and physically abused. People screw around. And I know of people who were in generally unhealthy marriages that have divorced and gone on to be better, happier, with fuller lives. But it seems like many are so cavalier about calling it quits because it's inconvenient. There are millions of cases of divorce, and I'm sure every one has different circumstances. I hope I never find out what it's like.

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Anonymous said...

I remember a couple very close to me was terrible for me. I was put in the middle "no win" position and lost 2 of the best friends I ever had...sigh...