Friday, December 10, 2010


So the big job thing kinda fell through. Well, not completely. It's just been delayed a few months. Since I'm going to be in the States for a few weeks and have a six-week class in Germany beginning in February, they've decided that it would be best to wait until I'm back for good to start the whole thing. Sure, I'm disappointed, but I'm also a little relieved that A) I have a little more time to prepare for this transition, and B) they didn't say, "Screw you, Sutton. We'll find someone else."
Speaking of my trip to the States, I don't leave until tomorrow morning, but I started my leave today in order to clean, pack, and finish up some school work. Classes go through next week, but I've already squared everything up with my professors. I'll have one more paper to edit, and both of my finals are online, all of which I can do from home.
I haven't decided if I'll stay up all night or get a couple hours of sleep. Mike is coming to drive me to the airport at 4 AM (!) and I depart Venice at 7. I have a short stop in Paris, which has just had some major snow, so if you're reading this, right now might be a good time to say a prayer for safe, uninterrupted travel for me. Thanks.
My first stop in the States is DC, where my good friend Dan has a fun weekend full of hockey and booze planned for us. And on Monday, my whole family will be together under one roof for the first time in years. Yeah, this Christmas is going to be stellar.

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