Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inside the Beltway

Me and Dan
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My first stop in the States was a couple days in the DC area with my good friend Dan. He picked me up from the airport Saturday afternoon and we immediately went on the hunt for Mexican food, something sorely lacking in Italy. That night, we went to see the Washington Capitals (featuring Alex Ovechkin, arguably the best player in the NHL) take on the Colorado Avalanche. Unfortunately, the Caps lost 3-2, but it was my first NHL game ever and it was a total party atmosphere, followed by bar-hopping with all the other fans.

National Christmas Tree
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Sunday, we slept in, nursed our hangovers with pizza, and spent the afternoon shopping and sightseeing. The night was capped off with a visit to the National Mall to see the big Christmas tree. I'd never seen the World War II Memorial, and it was impressive. It's hard not to see all the monuments and memorials and not feel patriotic.

Air Force Memorial
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I flew out Sunday afternoon, but on our way to the airport, we stopped to check out the Air Force Memorial, which was just built in 2006. Dan's a great tour guide, and I'm lucky to have him as a friend.

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