Monday, September 06, 2010

Let's Bounce

It's been forever since I played beer pong, and when Travis invited me over for a cookout last night, I didn't know what was in store.
After Aaron, Steven, and Berg showed up, the party eventually moved into the basement where the set-up awaited. Like I said, I hadn't played in a while, and my first match was pretty rusty, but once I got the hang of it again, I pretty much kicked butt. I participated in three matches, winning two. Not bad for a rusty old-timer.
I took a few videos with my iPhone (in HD!), but never seemed to catch the best shots, including the one where Aaron raised his fist in victory and accidentally punched out a light bulb. Though in a slightly drunken state, I somehow managed to upload one video onto YouTube, which is probably the only one not involving Steven and Aaron screaming curse words at each other. Enjoy!

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