Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank You, God, for shopping on the Internets!

I just spent the past hour on the phone (Skype, actually) with Delta making reservations for a trip home and to several other destinations over Christmas. I've been looking around online for reservations for the past few months, trying to finagle my itinerary to see as many people as possible without bankrupting myself.
The tickets I wanted were ringing up at around 2400 bucks. (I know, right?!?!) But for some reason, a couple days ago, they suddenly dropped to 1800, so I figured I'd better get while the gettin's good. I made an attempt to purchase online, but because my flight originates from overseas, I had to call. This ended up being a good thing, because at the last minute, I asked about a military discount, which dropped my fare another 200 bucks.
So, between 11 December and 2 January, I'll be going from Venice to DC to Evansville to Denver to SLC and back to Venice. A whirlwind tour, to be sure, but I'm trying to see as many people as possible. It's seven months away, but I'm already excited.

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