Monday, May 10, 2010

Four Fellas

Mike, Sonny, & Kevin
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I went downtown again yesterday, this time with Sonny, Kevin, and Mike, three guys that work in HVAC. Our agenda wasn't much different than any other time I've been downtown, but for some reason, it was really relaxing and mellow. I think part of it was that there was only four of us, so it was easier to decide what to do and where to go. Also, those three guys are a riot. The banter between them kept me laughing all day long. I took them to some places they hadn't been before, and they were really appreciative.
Sonny is stationed in Aviano, as well, and even though I'd met him before, we never really hung out until we deployed here together. He heads back to Aviano this week, and then he'll be leaving Aviano permanently next month. I hope I get back there before he takes off.

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