Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crash Pad

I guess I've had my couch for about five or six years now. It used to be at the Hospitality House in Japan, and when Jean-Marie decided to buy new sofas, they gave away all the old ones. There was a certain one I was chronically susceptible to napping on, so Don let me have dibs on it.
Since then, several people have slept on it. In fact, sometimes I even prefer it over my bed. There's nothing like curling up on it beneath a thick blanket and watching a movie when it's cold outside.
In a related move, I've decided to sign up for CouchSurfing. My house isn't in exactly the most touristy part of Italy, but I'm happy to help out anyone who might be passing through who needs a roof over his or her head. Plus, I'm getting familiar enough with the area so I can show people around, too. And I have a guest room, meaning I can accommodate even more.
I've already had a few friends come through, and more coming in the next couple months. Now I can open up my house to strangers who want to see the world, as well as help me find a place to stay wherever I might travel. If only I would have known about this before I went to Germany last week.

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Anonymous said...

sign me up for the couch!! glad to see you are doing well over there in italy .. you are missed in the SLC! -veganmike