Monday, August 09, 2010

Modern Man, Circa 2010

Me, circa 2010
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The past year seems to have flown by, even more so than normal, probably because I spent the better half of it in the desert. And even though I've met some great people, seen some amazing places, and learned a few things here and there, I don't really feel I've gained any wisdom, worldly or otherwise. In a way, I feel more bitter and short-tempered. Maybe it's a phase or possibly remnants of a post-deployment depression that never fully took hold. Either way, it's making me more direct with people, not wussing out on saying what I want or avoiding conflict. So is it a good thing? Am I becoming less spineless or more of an asshole? Have I always been this way and just now developing some self-realisation? Does anyone care? What's for dinner?

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