Saturday, August 07, 2010

Good Decisions and Bad

Chelsey & Cheyenne
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Last night, I came home from work and wanted nothing but to lay on my couch, gorge myself on leftovers, and watch a movie. I had just started when Cheyenne called and said, "Curtis, you WILL come over." Who am I to argue?
So I met Cheyenne, Chelsey, and Mike in Sacile and we strolled around, stopping in random bars for a glass of wine. A lot of stores in Italy are having sales right now, so they're staying open extra late, and in between glasses of wine, we'd make our way into various boutiques to try on clothes. I should know by now that shopping while drinking is never a good idea, but in my defence, Cheyenne is a total enabler. It all culminated in two good purchases and one very, very bad one, which can be summarised in two words: Rainbow. Cardigan.

Dance Party
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We walked back to Cheyenne's place, stopping only to grab a pizza from an all-night pizzeria, and as soon as we got in the door, the music started thumping and we had one of the best mini-dance-parties ever. Thanks for demanding I come out, Chey. It was so much better than an evening by myself.

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