Saturday, August 28, 2010

Biggest. Upgrade. Ever.

My phone has been acting up for the past few weeks, ever since I was on a dig in the rain and it got a little damp. It's not totally unusable, but it cuts out and the most inopportune times. And I'd hate to be stranded somewhere when all its buttons decide not to work.
As this also coincides with my contract renewal with Vodafone, I took this as a clear sign from God that I should pick up the iPhone 4. I know it's somewhat indulgent, but I'm a Mac Head, and some things are just worth splurging for. The waiting list was a mile long, and I'm lucky I walked in at the right time.
All the rumours I heard about reception issues are unfounded. It looks great, sounds great, and I'm very happy with it. (Unfortunately, I'm not too happy with Vodafone, who still have yet to turn on my 3G internet.) Another added bonus is that it's illegal to sell a locked phone in Italy, so even after I go back to the States, I can use it on any carrier I wish. Let's just hope I can take care of it that long.

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