Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yet another post about where I spend 12 hours of every day.

We have less than three weeks to finish the next two buildings, and honestly, I'm a little nervous. We're still having difficulties getting the right parts, and we spend a good amount of our time helping out the carpenters, since their task is the most time-consuming. Plus, it's getting pretty warm, and after working in these buildings all afternoon with no ventilation, the whole crew goes home exhausted at the end of every day.
But somehow, morale has actually gotten better. We're in good spirits each morning. We joke around. We hang out and chat during lunch. It's actually a 180 from a few weeks ago when we were constantly getting micro-managed. Why did it suddenly end? Well, we had a management change in the office this week, and even though I wasn't unhappy before, I think things will be even better now. Our new boss is a little more assertive, and he's not afraid to make people angry and stick up for us.
I'm trying not to count down the days I have left here (which may or may not be somewhere around 68), but I know they're going by quickly. And before I know it, I'll be back in Italy. Winery hopping. Hiking the Alps. Making cheesecakes. Eating dinner with friends. Just where I want to be.

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