Friday, April 16, 2010

Re-Up In Style

Diaz & Capt
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Yesterday, Diaz re-enlisted for another four years in the Air Force. He asked Captain Joo, who came with us from Italy and is one of the coolest people I know, to do the honours. Captain made arrangements to do it out on the B-1 ramp, and the whole shop went out to watch. It was pretty cool.

And of course, given the opportunity, the rest of us had to take advantage of the photo op.

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SMSgt Cundy, the representative from the bomber squadron, gave us a quick tour of the plane and let us sign bombs. I opted out, as it kinda seems like adding insult to injury.

After that, he took us out to the perch to watch a B-1 take off. Unfortunately, it had a maintenance issue, so we just got to see it taxi; however, we got to see another one land, which was pretty amazing.

Seeing another side of the Air Force was really interesting. I think all the guys had a good time, and I was glad we could all go out and support Diaz.

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