Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The New Journalism

I try to get all my news and information from various sources of different political and social leanings. I don't watch television, and getting an American newspaper delivered to Italy would just be ridiculous. So, I'm left with the internet, which is fine because as soon as anything happens, it's updated.
The first site I check every morning is NPR. It's got a good mix of the major news items dashed with culture and events, and I just like the way it looks. From there, I spend equal mounts of time at BBC News, CNN, and Fox News, just to get all sides. I mean, we all know which networks lean right and which lean left. I find it interesting, almost surprising, at which stories get more coverage on which sites.
Occasionally, I read local sites from places I've lived, all of which can be found in the bar to the right under "Information."
One site I found randomly, and have started to read on a daily basis, is The Faster Times. It's a nice, well-rounded, online newspaper; maybe a little left-leaning, but I always appreciate it's perspective.
If you have any good current event sites you frequent, I'd love to hear about them.

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