Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slide Away

Sunday, I went downtown again, this time with Paco, Steve, Berg, and Steven. Trips downtown are always fun, and this was no different. We made our usual first stop at the mall for lunch and random shopping. Again, we decided to go ice skating, some of which I captured on my brand new Kodak Zi8, which is highly recommended. Berg hadn't been skating since he was 6, and throughout our session, we had a half-assed game of tag going on. Sorry for the shaky cinematography, but it's kinda hard to hold the camera steady on skates.

After the mall, we headed to the souqs for the kind of shopping where one can haggle. We also got adventurous and tried a random restaurant that left our bellies full and our mouths on fire.
Before heading back to base, we stopped at the bay to check out the beautiful nighttime skyline and listen to the waves roll in. The best thing about going downtown is forgetting all about work and getting away from all the chaos, even for just a bit. And this trip was no different.

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