Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shut In

I've sat through way too many meetings this week, two of which were identical to each other, even including the same people. It's one of the worst parts about being in a management position. The funny thing is how our upper management will contradict itself from one meeting to the next. Case in point: "I'm not a micro-manager," followed the next day by instructions to turn in daily forms of exactly where and on which project each person is working. Ridiculous.
Plus, I'd much rather be on the job site helping out instead of stuck in a conference room. The day goes by a lot quicker when I'm productive and not staring at the ceiling while the boss drones on about vehicle safety.
Despite all that, things are going surprisingly well. A lot of guys have hit a mid-tour run of apathy, but I'm somehow focused and trying to keep everyone's spirits up. The guys on my team are getting along well, and the project is coming along nicely.
Also (and I'm probably going to jinx it here), I still don't have a roommate yet. Every day I get home from work hoping not to see someone's stuff stacked on the vacant bed, and so far, I've been lucky. Perhaps they forgot about me? If this keeps up for another three months, I'd be very happy, indeed.

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